Residential Design

Robert has maintained a special interest in residential landscape design and offers a wealth of experience from the small intimate urban townhouse setting to the large country estates and cottages.  Services can range from a consultation to spark and confirm the owners ideas to a complete landscape design services from concept to construction completion.  Retaining the services of a landscape designer is not a common activity for a home owner and the following outline illustrates the role of the landscape designer, with full services,  so that the home owner can proceed with confidence when approaching a designer for services.

Residential Landscape Design

Residential landscape design incorporates man-made and natural elements with the artistic to create an aesthetic and personal space.  A well designed and constructed landscape will offer an inspiring environment for family and friends to enjoy.  Such a landscape will elevate the appearance of the home and its surroundings as well as increase the value of property.

Design Considerations

Residential landscape is unique unto itself as it reflects the image of the owner according to tastes, needs, priorities and budget.  The landscape incorporates the front yard 'curb appeal', the transition through the side yards and other connecting spaces that leads to the backyard 'outdoor living' space. 

New home construction offers a clean canvas for landscape design. With simple welcoming front yard landscape that complements the architecture of the residence to the backyard outdoor living areas and landscapes that may have decking, patios, perhaps a swimming pool, a variety of gardens, special landscape features, lawns and utility areas. 

An existing landscape may need to be restored, updated or renovated as it no longer meets the owners' current and future needs.  Many factors will be considered in achieving the desired end result such as family needs, balance between aesthetics and practical living as well as budget.  In short, what is the 'character' of the landscape to be created?

Colour Rendered Landscape  Plan - Bragagnolo Residence, King City, ON

How to Begin

An initial visit to the owners property to discuss the landscape requirements. There is no cost for this informative meeting.  A proposal of services and fees will be tailored to the owners specific needs and submitted for approval to proceed. 

Moving Forward

When the proposal of services is accepted, there would be a visit to the property to gather information, take measurements, survey elevations for the in order to prepare a computer drawing.  The data gathering will include documenting existing features within the property as well as considering neighbouring buildings, structures, landscapes and views.  Digital pictures will be taken of the property and surrounding area will be taken to assist in the design.

The owner is a key member of the design process.  A 'design meeting' allows the owner to participate in the planning of the landscape.  This ensures a full understanding of the project, the opportunities and constraints which may influence the budget, materials and techniques used.  The goal of the meeting is for the owner to feel confident that the best landscape solution has been achieved.  A 'concept plan' is prepared, and a meeting will be held to confirm the goals have been met and to discuss any new ideas or questions which may arise.

Landscape Concept Streetview Hand Drawn Sketch

Detailed plans will be prepared showing all the landscape components such as, measurements, construction materials, quantities, construction notes and specifications, planting plan with plant material list of species, size, quantities, spacing and description notes.  At this time, a meeting to review these landscape and to discuss the construction strategy.

Planting Plan - Bindi Residence, Woodbridge, ON


Bragagnolo Residence, King City, ON

Construction and Completion

Robert can be involved during the construction phases, and offer a variety of services that can include arranging contractors to bid on the work or assist in providing guidance if your decision is to do the work yourself and provide site visits to ensure that the work is being carried out correctly, and can help in resolving between options that may arise during the construction phase.